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Final Seminar of LIBEAC
The 14th East Asian Sociologists Network Conference
The 24th World Congress of Political Science (Poland)
The 6th Joongmin Forum: ¡°The Common Pool Resources¡°
The 5th Joongmin Forum: ¡°Empathic Politics and the Public Happiness¡±
The 4th Joongmin Forum: ¡°Searching for the Empathic Rationality¡±
A Special Lecture: ¡°Comfort Women and Traditional Justice¡±
The 3rd Joongmin Forum : ¡°Reconsideration of the Meaning of Gwangbok(ÎÃÜÖ: Restoration of Light)¡±
The 2nd Joongmin Forum: The Meaning of Gwangbok(ÎÃÜÖ: Restoration of Light)
The 1st Joongmin Forum
International Workshop on ¡°Recognition theory in East-Asian Context¡±
Public Lecture: ¡°March 1st Independent Movement and the Identity of ROK: State Building and Ethos Realization¡±(ÎÃÜÖ)
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