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The 12th Joongmin Forum was held in the Seminar Room of the Joongmin Foundation on Saturday, May 27. This Forum was a preparatory meeting for the 5-yearslong joint research project on Confucianism with AMU ((Aix-Marseille University, France). In this forum, Prof. Sang-jin Han and Prof. Jean-Claude de Crescenzo (AMU) respectively gave a presentation and lead discussions on the methodology of research on Confucianism from the perspective of Foucault and Habermas.


In this forum, Professor Sang-jin Han proposed "Confucian Subjectivity and Governability: From the Eyes of Foucault and Habermas" as the title of the whole Korean-French joint research on Confucianism for the next five years and this proposal was accepted by all participants.


In addition, it was decided to hold the first formal seminar for this joint research at Seoul National University on June 12 as scheduled.

     64. An Opening Seminar for the Joint Research on Confucianism with France
     62. To visit East Asian Community Institute led by Japan