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Seoul National University welcomed Profesor Ulrich Beck of the University of Munich for his first public lecture in Korea. His book, "Risk Society", has received significant attention in Korea and hundreds of students gathered to listen to him elaborate on his theories and the Frankfurt School's work in his lecture entitled "The World at Risk: the New Task of Critical Theory".

He also drew focus to the recent arson of Seoul's South Gate (숭례문) on February 10, 2008, explaining that, "The fact that a national treasure such as the South Gate became the target of such a crime highlights the extreme frustration and pent-up anger that must have been built up." He also stated that this "must have caused shock to the whole society".

He also applied his theories to recent calamities in Korea such as the Taean oil spill and the refrigerated warehouse accident in Icheon. He spoke about problems in the system of society and highlighted risks which resulted from compressed modernization.

March 29, 2008

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