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On December 10-11, members of the Cosmo-Climate ERC project group led by the late Professor Ulrich Beck gathered at Munich for the final Cosmo-Climate workshop. This included a presentation about EARN and future prospects for research cooperation between Asia and Europe through the network.


Cosmo-Climate Workshop, 10-11 December 2015, Munich



Thursday, 10 December 2015


9:15-9:45: Welcome and Introduction/Discussion – Stephan Lessenich


9:45-13:00: Session 1: Work Package 1/Empirical Research and Work Package 2/Cosmopolitan Theory Development


Case Study: Communicating Global Risks – Climate Change Communication and New Roles of Journalists as Cosmopolitan Actors’ – Ingrid Volkmer, Zhifei Mao, Kasim Sharif, Sun-Jin Yun and Kuei Tien Chou

  • Discussion

Case Study: ‘Ulrich Beck’s Cosmopolitan Sociology’ – Svetla Marinova and Albert Gröber

  • Discussion


11:15-11:30  Coffee Break


Case Study: ‘Security in the 'Cosmopolitised' World: Reading Obama's National Security Strategy with Beck’ – Sabine Selchow

  • Discussion

PhD study: ‘Calculating Solidarity’ – Ian Gray

  • Discussion



13:00-14:00  Lunch



14:00-16:15: Session 2: Methodological Cosmopolitanism


Sub-project 1: ‘“Google Baby”: Reproductive Technology and Cosmopolitanized Descent’ – Elisabeth Beck-Gernsheim

  • Discussion

Sub-project 2: ‘Cosmopolitized Nations’ – Daniel Levy

  • Discussion

Sub-project 3: ‘Politics of Certification’Julia S. Guivant

  • Discussion

Sub-project 4: ‘South America and Cosmopolitization’Ana María Vara

  • Discussion


16:15-16:30  Coffee Break


16:30-17:30 Reflections on the Day



Friday, 11 December 2015



9:00-11:00: Session 3: Europe-Asia Research Network (EARN)

Sang-Jin Han, Young-Hee Shim, Sae-Seul Park

Emancipatory Catastrophism and Cosmopolitan Solidarity in East Asia’ – Young-Hee Shim

‘Who are Cosmopolitan Actors in East Asia? A Look at the Fukushima Disaster and the Issue of Nuclear Power Plant’ – Sang-Jin Han

§    Discussion

§    What are the concrete steps to strengthen the Asia-Europe-Network beyond the ERC-project?

§    What possibilities are there? Who has which extra resources?

§    Who is interested in linking up with whom?


11:00-11:15  Coffee Break


11:15-13:00: Session 4: ‘Cosmopolitan Research, Cosmopolitan Data and Cosmopolitan Organisation’ – Legacy Building

Organisation and Institutionalization of ‘Methodological Cosmopolitanism’

§  ERC-deadlines, deliverables etc.

§  Who is responsible for what?

§  Internal communication

§  External communication

§  Website

§  Future Research


13:00-14:30  Lunch and Coffee

The workshop will end after lunch

     24. Prof. Han and Shim to visit the construction site of 'The Master's Library'
     13. In loving memory of Professor Ulrich Beck