The 3rd Joongmin Forum: “Reconsideration of the Meaning of print   
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The 3
rd Joongmin Forum on “Reconsideration of the Meaning of 'Gwangbok'(光復: Restoration of Light)” was held in the seminar room of Joongmin Foundation on 13th May. 2016. In this forum, Dr. Young-Wha Cheong(Chairman of the Saenal School, Gwangju) delivered the first keynote speech on “The Linkage between Tradition and Modernity in Yu Gil-Joon’s Conceptions of Gwangbok” and Prof. Sang-Jin Han(President of Joongmin Foundation) delivered the second keynote speech on “The Status and Image of Gwangbok expressed in the National Survey of Consciousness”.
     41. Prof. Shim to deliver a special lecture: “Comfort Women and Traditional Justice"
     39. The 2nd Joongmin Forum: The Meaning of Gwangbok(光復: Restoration of Light)