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Prof. Sang-Jin Han(President of Joongmin Foundation) and Prof. Young-Hee Shim(Executive Director of Joongmin Foundation) presented papers at the final seminar of the research project LIBEAC(Liberalism Inbetween Europe and China) held at Aix-Marseille University on 12-13. September 2016.


Sang-Jin Han: “Who are Liberal Egalitarians?: Economic Crisis, Liberal Dispositions, and Future of Representative Democracy: A Comparative and Empirical Analysis of Five Countries in EU and Asia”.

Young-Hee Shim: “Dual Individualization in East Asia: Individualization in the society and in the Context of the Family”.

     47. The 14th East Asian Sociologists Network Conference
     45. The 6th Joongmin Forum: “The Common Pool Resources“