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On April 12, 2017, the Joongmin Foundation for Social Theory and the Institute for Social Development and Policy Research(ISDPR) jointly hosted the Seminar of "Who Are the Cosmopolitan Actors: Migration and Risk Governance” at Seoul National University.

In this seminar commemorating Ulrich Beck, Prof. Han Sang-jin (president of the Joongmin Foundation for Social Theory) made a keynote speech titled “Risk Governance and Cosmopolitan Citizens in East Asia".


In the session of "Migration and Risk Governance", Prof. Laurence Roulleau-Berger of the University of Lyon, France (Director of LIA Research at CNRS-ENS Lyon) presented the paper titled “Migrants, Inegalitarian Cosmopolitism and Mobilization in Europe” and Prof. Young-Hee Shim(executive director of JFST) published the paper titled “Migrant Issues and Cosmopolitan Actors in Korea”. 

     82. Workshop on 'Internationalization of Sociology'
     80. Workshop on "Candlelight Politics and Social Theory"