EARN initiative to be published in January 2015 issue of Current Sociology print   
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Following The Seoul Conference 2014, EARN's first joint initiative has been confirmed for publication. Thanks to the active cooperation and participation of EARN's scholars, the dialogue papers will be published in the January 2015 issue of Current Sociology

Among the many excellent papers submitted, five were selected. In addition, Professor Ulrich Beck's main paper and response paper and Professor Sang-Jin Han's paper as the dialogue organizer will also be part of the papers for the upcoming special issue.

Congratulations to the selected authors!

Asayama, Shinichiro
National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan
"Catastrophism toward "opening up" or "closing down"? Going beyond the apocalyptic future and geoengineering"

Blok, Anders
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
"Towards cosmopolitan middle-range theorizing: a metamorphosis in the practice of social theory?"

Mao, Zhifei
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
"Transportation Disasters, Financial Crises, and Beyond"

Shim, Young-Hee
Hanyang University, Korea
"Research Methodological Debate for Emancipatory Catastrophism: The Case of Transnational Marriage"

Vara, Ana Maria
National University of San Martin, Argentina
"A South American Approach to Metamorphosis as a Horizon of Equality: Focusing 
on Controversies over Lithium"

Due to the quantity of high-quality submissions for this initiative, EARN is looking into finding avenues for publications for other papers as well. A list of proposals has been circulated among the members through e-mail. We thank all of you for your kind cooperation and dedication.
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Update (12/15/2014): The online edition of the journal is now available for viewing at http://csi.sagepub.com/content/current .
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