EARN's Seoul Project wins formal approval by the Seoul City Parliament print   
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EARN is delighted to announce the formal approval of the Seoul Project by the Seoul City Parliament. The project was introduced to the Cosmo-Climate team at the recent Paris workshop, and Professor Sang-Jin Han today (December 18th, 2014) confirmed that the project will proceed as originally planned.

This new round of good news comes right after the online publication of EARN's dialogue paper initiative in the January 2015 special issue of Current Sociology. The Seoul Project presents yet another excellent avenue for close cooperation between Europe and East Asia under EARN for research regarding social governance of risk. More updates regarding the Seoul Project will be added to the EARN website as they become available.

Thanks to the support and cooperation of all members, all of EARN's endeavors this year have been tremendously successful. We look forward to wrapping up 2014 with great hope for productive opportunities in the upcoming year.
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