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These national reports are based on the first round of a global online survey on “COVID-19 Governance, Citizens’ Life, and Democracy” that was conducted in over 30 metropolitan cities in June of 2020.
The organization carrying out the research is the Joongmin (中民) Foundation, which has been under the direction of Dr. Sang-Jin Han, Professor of Sociology at Seoul National University, and has existed since 2011 when it was established in Seoul.
The reports cover only the basic findings of the first survey in comparative perspective. 
The foundation conducted the second and third round of the global surveys in September of 2020 and 2021. With these data sets, we are seeking a collaborative researcher who is interested in investigating some of the same topics that we do.
If you would like work with us in such a capacity, please feel free to contact either the Joongmin Foundation ( or Prof. Sang-Jin Han ( We will then get back to you as soon as possible.

     75. Survey on Citizens in 30 Global Cities (The Second Media Briefing on COVID-19 Survey)