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Confucianism and Reflexive Modernity

Bringing Community back to Human Rights in the Age of Global Risk Society


Author: Sang-Jin Han

Confucianism and Reflexive Modernity offers an excellent example of a dialogue between East and West by linking post-Confucian developments in East Asia to a Western idea of reflexive modernity originally proposed by Ulrich Beck, Anthony Giddens, and Scott Lash in 1994. The author makes a sharp confrontation with the paradigm of Asian Value Debate led by Lee Kwan-Yew and defends a balance between individual empowerment and flourishing community for human rights, basically in line with Juergen Habermas, but in the context of global risk society, particularly from an enlightened perspective of Confucianism. The book is distinguished by sophisticated theoretical reflection, comparative reasoning, and solid empirical argument concerning Asian identity in transformation and the aspects of reflexive modernity in East Asia.

Availability:  Published  ISBN:  978-90-04-41549-2  Publication Date:  16 Dec 2019 

Availability:  Published  ISBN:  978-90-04-35255-1  Publication Date:  19 Dec 2019

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