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On 30th of June 2020, there was an event hosted by JMF, the second media briefing, to release the main outcomes of the survey research on citizens in 30 global cities. Participants consisted of professor Sang Jin Han, the chairman of JMF and the professor emeritus of Seoul National university, Young Hee Shim, the professor emeritus of Hanyang universities, research fellows of JMF, journalists from prominent media like JTBC, Yonhap news, Hankook Ilbo, and Kookmin Ilbo.

Survey on Citizens in 30 Global Cities
National Images Transformation of South Korea, Japan, the United States, and China
How Global Citizens of 30 World Cities Evaluate South Korea, Japan, the United States and China?

■ Date: June 30th (Tuesday), 2020 at 11 AM   
■ Venue: Magnolia Room, 19th floor, The Press Center
■ Organizer: Joongmin Foundation  
■ Sponsor: SORI Asset Co., Ltd; National Research Foundation of Korea; Seoul National University

- Moderator: Young-Hee Shim (Emeritus Professor, Hanyang University)
Opening Address and General Trends

- Presentation1. Sang-Jin Han (Emeritus Professor/ Chairman of Joongmin Foundation)
The Rise of a Korean Model and its Hidden Danger
- Presentation 2. Subin Kim (Researcher at Joongmin Foundation)
Japan at the Crossroad with Frustrated Citizens
- Presentation 3. Dajung Ryu (Researcher at Joongmin Foundation)
The Collapse of the United States Hegemony from a Global Perspective
- Presentation 4. Chunjui Hsu (Researcher at Joongmin Foundation)
The Divided Global Image of China

     61. Review - The Second Media Briefing on COVID-19 Survey