Organization a special issue and Publication of Articles in Korea Journal 2018 print   
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Prof. Han Sang-Jin has organized a special issue on “Individualization and Community Reconstruction” in vol. 58 no. 1 of Korea Journal. In this special issue three papers were published: “the Historical Context of Social Governance Experiments in East Asia: the Challenge of Risk Society” by Han Sang-Jin, “East Asian Patterns of Individualization and its Consequences for Neighborhood Community Reconstruction” by Shim Young-Hee, and “Bringing Society Back in: The New Qinghe Experiment and Social Governance in China” by Li Qiang, Zheng Lu and Wang Hao. This is part of a GRN project Prof. Han and Prof. Shim are conducting on “Individualization and Neighborhood Community Reconstruction in Seoul, Beijing and Tokyo.” The project is for three years and supported by National Research Foundation of Republic of Korea.
     20. Publication of Asian Tradition and Cosmopolitan Politics: Dialogue with Kim Dae-jung
     18. Publication of Beyond Risk Society