Migration and Risk Governance (commemoration seminar for Ulrich Beck) print   
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On April 12, to celebrate Professor Laurence Rouleau-Berger's visit to Korea at the University of Lyon, A joint seminar was held by the Joongmin Foundation for Social Theory and the Social Development Institute for Social Development at Seoul National University.

In particular, this seminar was held in commemoration of Professor Ulrich Beck's vision of Cosmopolitan change. With the question "Who are the Cosmopolitan Actors?", Issues on Migration and Risk Governance have been discussed.

Professor Laurence Rouleau-Berger is the director of the CNRS Section 40 (Politics, Power and Organization) in France. She is also the head of the LIA Institute at CNRS-ENS Lyon.

     28. 12th Joongmin Forum (Han Sang-Jin & Jean-Claude)
     73. A dialogue with Prof. Jürgen Habermas at his home.