Thank you for visiting the website of the Europe-Asia Research Network (EARN).

EARN was established with a memorandum of understanding on research cooperation in the fields of risk society, risk governance, and second-modern transformation in Europe and Asia by the representative heads of eleven institutions who were among the participants of “The Seoul Conference 2014: Climate Change and Risk Society – New Trends for Megacity Development”, a groundbreaking academic conference held in Seoul, Korea in July of 2014. Originally created to promote research cooperation between the European Research Council project headed by Professor Ulrich Beck of the University of Munich and various Asian research institutes in Korea, China, Japan, and Taiwan, EARN has extended its activities to deal with social governance experiments in East Asia from 2017 with the support from the National Research Foundation of Republic of Korea. As of 2020, EARN serves as one of the main digital bases of research communication for a comparative international project on corona19 global disaster and risk (health) governance in the Western and Asian countries supported by Joongmin Foundation (JMF) in Seoul and Foundation Maison des Sciences de l’homme (FMSH) in Paris.

In doing research, EARN strives to uphold the cosmopolitan principles it was founded upon, Membership in EARN entails sensitivity to the views of others to ensure that national or local research programs are understood in context by others, open dialogue and reciprocal communication, efforts towards the formation of research partnerships which transcend national boundaries, and support of young, up-and-coming researchers.
EARN receives support from various national and international organizations around the globe. Should you have any additional queries, please visit the ‘Contact US’ page for more details.
Professor Emeritus, Seoul National University
HAN Sang-Jin