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2019 SNU-HU Joint S
Publication of ‘Confucia..
Confucianism and Reflexive Modernity Bringing Community back to Human Rights in the Age of Global Risk Society   Author: Sang-Jin Han Confucianism and Reflexive..
Publication of Asian Tra..
Prof. Han Sang-Jin of JMF edited and published a book called Asian Traition and Cosmopolitan Politics.  Prof. John Dunn of Cambridge University wrote a foreword. ■&nb..
Organization a special i..
Prof. Han Sang-Jin has organized a special issue on “Individualization and Community Reconstruction” in vol. 58 no. 1 of Korea Journal. In this special issue three papers were pu..
Publication of Beyond Ri..
  The book Beyond Risk Society edited by Prof. Han Sang-Jin was published by Seoul National University Press. ■ Publication Details Publisher: SNUPRES..
TCS - Dialogue with John..
We gladly inform you that the conversation between Prof. Sang-Jin Han and Prof. John Dunn is now available in the journal Theory, Culture, & Society (TCS), which is organi..
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The 2nd Media Briefing on COVID-..
The 1st Media Briefing on COVID-..
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