Symposium of “The Metamorphosis of the Korean Peninsula” at Chonnam National University print   
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On May 29th 2018, Prof. Han Sang-Jin, together with the Chonnam National University, co-held a symposium “The Metamorphosis of the Korean Peninsula: Why Kim Dae-Jung Now?”. In this symposium, Prof. John Dunn, Prof Han San-Jin, and Prof. Emanuel Pastreich presented papers, on which six professors at the Chonnam National University and Chosun University had a lively discussion (Chonnam National University: Prof. Kook Minho, Prof. Yoon Seong-Seok, Prof. Lee Young-Chul, Prof. Choi Hyeop; Chosun University: Prof. Ki Gwang-Seo; One Asia Club: Dr. Shin Il-Sup). About 150 students attended in this symposium.

     115. Visiting the Tomb of Former President Kim Dae-Jung in Seoul with Prof. John Dunn
     113. Visiting May 18th National Cemetery in Gwangju with Prof. John Dunn