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30 cities around the world, male and female adults aged 19 or older.



Rakuten Insight retention sample (Rakuten Insight Korea Co., Ltd.)

Sampling method


Random sampling after gender and age allocation according to the population ratio of each city

Sample size


15,312 people

- About 500 people in each city.

Sample error


Assuming random sampling,

At 95% confidence level, the maximum allowable sampling error is 4.4%p



CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interview)

Date & Time 


May 22nd (Friday) - June 5th (Friday), 14th



Hankook Research Co., Ltd. (CEO Ick Sang Roh)

The sample size of each city is around 500 people, and the sampling error of each city is calculated and recorded. If random sampling is assumed on a sample basis of 500 people, the maximum allowable marker error at the 95% confidence level is 4.4%p.

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