Publication of ‘Confucianism and Reflexive Moderni..
TCS - Dialogue with John Dunn on Korean Denucleari..
The bright New Year is upon us!
Populism and Democracy (with prof. John Dunn)
The Metamorphosis of the Korean Peninsula (with pr..
3rd Year Seminar of Global Research Network 2017-2..
Colloquium, Two Puzzles of North Korea
Dialogue between Han Sang-Jin and Pascal Dayez-Bur..
The 21st Joongmin Forum (Han Sang-Jin, Pascal, and..
Prof. Zhang Jing Special Seminar, Social Governanc..

Discussion with Thae

Colloquium \'Two Puz

The Future of Korean

Prof. Tianren Ge Inv

The 21st Joongmin Fo

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