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Workshop on 'Candlelight Politics and Social Theory'
The first ISA Writing Workshop
Prof. Han has been selected as
Prof. Han and Shim to visit the construction site of
The 10th Joongmin Forum on the Social Governance Experiment in China
Prof. Han attended the symposium on 'Social Governance and Shequ Building'
Prof. Shim met Prof. Jean-Claude de Crescenzo(Aix-Marseille University, France)
Prof. Shim to give an interview titled 'Dialogue with Erudite Scholars'
Prof. Han to deliver a special lecture at Hokkaido University
SNU-HU Joint Workshop 2016: Dream and Reality in East Asia-an interdisciplinary and critical approach
The 8th Joongmin Forum: Social Governance and Shequ Construction in China
The 7th Joongmin Forum: Social Governance in China: On the Qinghe Experiment
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